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Astrological Consultation with Dietrech J. Pessin

For You, Your Business, Your Family, Your Relationships

When you consult with me you'll walk away not only with star charts to refer to, but a

full audio recording of our session.  I've learned over the years that because I'm projecting

events weeks, months, and even years into the future, recording sessions is one of the best

ways to memorialize a session with my clients.  Each client leaves our sessions with the

recordings and charts necessary to refer back to as events unfold.


Here are my packages and hourly rates:


Initial Natal Chart Consultation
$250 for 90-minute taped session
For Returning Customers: $185 for a 60 minute update of your chart
These sessions include an in-depth study of your natal chart and the most dynamic characteristics activated by current planetary and eclipse trends. This session includes a study of your: Secondary Progressions; Solar Return charts; Eclipse analysis; Moon Phase Study with the Lunar Gestation Cycle; Major Transiting Trends; In-depth Sun - Moon Analysis.  Don't worry if you're not that familiar with astrology, I have years of experience reaching my clients at their level of experience.


Do You Need Help With a Couple of Questions?
$45 is perfect for a fifteen-minute question session. There is time for discussion about any number of topics. Your birth data is not necessary (date, time, and location of your birth). Each question is addressed and you can ask several questions within the fifteen minute period.


I regularly respond to a wide range of questions.  Here are some examples:

Is there a future with my new love interest?
I saw a house on Sunday; should I place and offer?   When's a good time to make an offer?

When should I put my own house on the market?

When is the best time to sign a contract or make an investment?

When's a good date for my wedding?
I am thinking of leaving my job to enroll in school.  Is this a good idea right now?
What is a good time to buy a car or computer?
I need to file a lawsuit. When is the best time?
I am having surgery. Can you help me pick the best date for me?

*(Birth data is needed for surgery questions)


In-Depth, Life-Time Solar Return Chart Consultation
$370 for 2 hours

This session requires an intensive study of the entire lifetime of your solar returns. The study is performed over two days prior to your two-hour session. The study not only locates your greatest change years but extracts dozens of intricate details that identify remarkable patterns in your life. An exact birth time is required.


The Mountain Astrologer has published an article in the Oct/Nov 2018 issue

The Study of Your Life: Exploring Patterns in Your Solar Returns by Dietrech Pessin with Frank Clifford. 


Also available is a companion audio/video class recording that maps out the lifetime of solar returns and how to produce these on Solar Fire, the astrology computing program from Astrolabe.  A copy of the Solar Return Class locating Change Years $25. 

This study engages a technique, developed by Dietrech, that analyzes the patterns and cycles depicted in your Solar Return charts over your entire life. This exciting study reveals your greatest change years and the natural evolution of your personal goals and development. The study reveals those things that have been pulling at the corner of your life for years, that need your attention. Once you learn that you have an agenda, what that inner agenda is and how to process your needs will allow you to produce a future of your very own design. With this intense personal study, you may begin living with a conscious understanding of your most dynamic inner and outer objectives, with the confidence that you are living your path to your highest intentions. You will learn there is a reason and a time when your life's direction allows an opening to new possibilities.


Astrological Consultation for Your Business
$250 for 2 hours
This study delineates the major characteristics of your business, based on the date and time of the inception of your company. This can be an incorporation date or the date when you began doing-business-as. By studying this chart the relationship your business has to the public, your target market, clients, etc. becomes a useful tool for projection. An analysis of the company's cycles, marks periods of highs and lows, which becomes a powerful tool for projection. This study identifies areas in your business that may present stress or conflict; down times; high times; high impact times; as well as company renovation and alteration periods, just to name a few.

Astrology in business lends its value best when assessing the nature of employee relationships. As a proprietor you can learn valuable insights to the nature of your employees and associates, their work issues and how best to create harmonious, working relationships.

You will learn to work with the flow of energy to maximize your efforts and plan for success. Learn the best times for advertising, hiring, expanding, reorganizing finances, contracts, project times purchasing, sales and more! Once the initial profile is established, a series of services are available to assist you along your path to success.


Per Minute Telephone Consultation
$45 for 15 minutes
Available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., EST or EDT

Per Minute Telephone Consultation
$75 for 30 minutes
Available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., EST or EDT

Per Minute Telephone Consultation
$150 for 60 minutes
Available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., EST or EDT

Individual Tutoring
$60 for 60 minutes
Available from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., EST or EDT


Inquire About:

  • Group Engagements

  • Individual Brief Consultations for Guests

  • Searches for Optimal Dates and Times for Special Events

  • Weddings, House Sales - Purchases, Pregnancy, Travel Plans

  • Your own Special Function or Event

  • Potential Outcomes


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